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Random Acts of Kindness report

My wife and I decided to get a head start on Random Acts of Kindness Week in mid-February. It was fulfilling for us to step outside our immediate cares and concerns to extend a hand to others. Our Kindness Journal was a daily reminder to be considerate of neighbors, assist strangers in need and to … Continue reading

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Easter egg baskets: It’s never too late!

  By Ron Cooper Easter Day. A middle-aged man carries an armful of wrapped sweets to the checkout counter at a drugstore. Two of them slip from his grasp and tumble to the floor. I stop to retrieve them and casually remark: “Wow, I guess your kids are going to be happy receiving these today!” … Continue reading

Matters of the Heart

The triumphant heart

The heart has many moods–sad, lonely, happy, forlorn, exultant. The heart has many positive attributes–generosity, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, love. But above all, the heart is resilient. It weathers deep disappointments and exhilarating joys. It is the one constant in our inner lives and outward expressions. The heart–magical, mystical, triumphant. Simply nothing like it! –By Ron … Continue reading