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Putin Must Be Stopped, But Is It Too Late?

Putin’s unspeakable cruelty shows no bounds, but got unspeakably worse with the bombing of civilian targets in Ukraine this week. His justification for the airstrikes that are taking innocent lives was based on a wickedly false premise: That Ukraine had attacked sovereign Russian territory in Crimea. Crimea is part of Ukraine, but in the twisted, … Continue reading

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Chatting with cancer (It all started with chocolate)

Once I called cancer “chocolate,” but he laughed in my face. Later, I got sweet revenge. Here’s my story: I was diagnosed with Stage III prostate cancer in December 2014. I didn’t feel much differently and my health was consistently good. My PSA numbers were excellent. I felt a little cocky and double-dared cancer to … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and the crazy sheriff

Nutty as it sounds, the sheriff in Ocala, Florida, has banned facemasks for his deputies in some on-duty circumstances. This comes at a time when his county had by the end of August 2020 recorded more than 8,400 confirmed cases and 170-plus deaths due to the coronavirus. Moreover, approximately 40 of the sheriff’s employees, including … Continue reading