A Grateful Survivor


Who’s the best ally for the person living with cancer? The caregiver who is blessed with a compassionate heart and a commitment second to none.

Cancer survivor and author Ron Cooper travels his journey with his wife, Tanya, by his side.

“A Grateful Survivor: Tips and Tributes for Cancer Caregivers” is about the unique relationship between caregiver and cared-for.

The featured chapters include:

  • Cancer Survivors’ Bill of Rights
  • The Caregiver’s Pledge
  • Humor is Healing
  • Tribute to My Caregiver

“A Grateful Survivor” is aimed at helping caregivers cope with their loved one’s moods, misgivings and anxieties. It also addresses the caregiver’s overload with soothing meditations.

“A Grateful Survivor” is currently available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook   You’ll find the “Buy Now for Free” button on the right-hand side of the page.