Fran’s Song

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New blog post! Why I Wrote “Fran’s Song.”

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“My name is Fran and I’m a child of God” — Fran Cooper

Fran Cooper gave thoughtful advice to her son, Ron Cooper, on the eve of his wedding. She exchanged sweet love letters with her husband of more than sixty years. She voiced her faith through prayer, and was a song leader in the Alzheimer’s ward of her nursing home. Many years after her diagnosis, Fran was still able to say and do some remarkable things.

As memories fade, the mind still ponders the wonders of life. The heart still loves intensely. The spirit still worships and prays. And the urge to sing is stronger than ever.

“It’s simply not true that this cruel disease robs you of every single memory,” Ron writes. “When singing is in your heart, it will remain rooted there. A heart filled with lyrics never forgets. With Alzheimer’s, the songs take on a sweet, poignant quality.”

Fran’s musical legacy is the hallmark of this inspirational memoir.

“It’s always better to sing than it is to sleep,” she confided to Ron, the author of “Fran’s Song: My Mother’s Triumph over Alzheimer’s.” “If you don’t use music, you lose music.”

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