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Tribute to My Caregiver

Elderly senior person or grand parent's hands with red heart  in support of nursing family caregiver for disability awareness day concept

(Dedicated to family caregivers everywhere!)

You see me on my worst days when you sit silently, a gentle presence in a turbulent world.

You reach out to me with no expectation for reply. You know that my curtain of silence is not drawn to exclude you, and that soon I will lift it to welcome the healing light.

Your calm demeanor is unwavering as I navigate through countless appointments, tests, prodding and poking, deductibles, co-pays, new treatments, chaos.

You, above all, are the one to reassure me, that hope is on the horizon, that I can still enjoy good health.

You are at the center of my world, my inner circle, a great encourager, my caregiver.

Please hold these thoughts deep in your heart:

I appreciate you.

I thank you.

I love you.

© Ron Cooper 2020

Adapted from Ron’s book on his cancer journey

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