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Random Acts of Kindness report

act kindness AesopMy wife and I decided to get a head start on Random Acts of Kindness Week in mid-February. It was fulfilling for us to step outside our immediate cares and concerns to extend a hand to others.

Our Kindness Journal was a daily reminder to be considerate of neighbors, assist strangers in need and to be cheerful and helpful in any way we could.


We live in an apartment complex with 73 units. It is not too hard to imagine how we can be of help to our neighbors. Here are a few examples:

  1. Gave Thanksgiving cards to our closest neighbors and offered to take in their parcel post and packages while they were gone. Also, to jump-start their cars when the batteries were dead.
  2. Called a neighbor and wished him a happy birthday.
  3. Offered condolences to the parents of a neighbor who passed away suddenly. We did not know them before his death but wanted to offer some words of comfort.

Friends and co-workers

  1. Purchased Christmas gifts for friends at work and gave restaurant coupons as well.
  2. Donated my (Ron’s) cancer journey book to a fellow survivor and her spouse.

The homeless

  1. Stocked up on hats, scarves and socks to hand out to people living on the street.
  2. Also purchased protein bars to give to these needy folks.

What did we learn? It only takes a moment to be kind but that the action remains with the giver as well as the receiver for a very long time.

© Ron Cooper and Tanya Cooper 2020

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