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Get the Jab and Take a Neighbor Along!

My arm is sore and I’m a little tired, but otherwise unaffected by my updated COVID-19 booster shot gratefully received in early October. I’m not ready to rip my mask off just yet, but feel more assured that if the coronavirus does strike me that I will have more than a fighting chance to stay out of the hospital.

The beauty of this most recent FDA-approved shot is that it goes head-to head with the dominant omicron sub-variant of the coronavirus. That’s extremely important for everyone who not only looks after their self-interest, but who don’t want to become a super-spreader.

I encourage all of my friends and family not only to take the jab, but also to take a friend or neighbor along with them to the pharmacy or doctor’s office. I am arranging to take my neighbor, who is homebound with COPD, to a Kroger pharmacy to get two shots: The Covid-19 booster and the high-dose flu shot for those of us over 65.

I got my double jab to prepare for the worst-case scenario of a new coronavirus surge and/or a bad flu season.

We do not live in a bubble and our actions should be directed toward ensuring our community is as safe and healthy as possible.

Please, get the jab!

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