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Booster shot for all of us

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Got my Pfizer booster shot
There were no marching bands
No one shaking my hand
Or patting me on the back.
Nor should there be
I did it for me and my immunity
I did it for us, for the community
We’re all in this life-and-death fight
And each of us must make it right
For lives well lived
And no more lost 
Is why we act and take the jab
Victory is what we cry
Victory over a persistent enemy
The enemy of whispered dreams
Of better days and richer lives
Not of last gasps in ICUs where
Families are banned and last wishes denied
So, let’s do our part and be smart
About the way forward on these grim days
To a new day of hoping and loving
And kindness and a union of spirits
Proclaiming, “We’re done with this madness”
We’re done
We’re done
And we’ve done it for all of us

©Ron Cooper

4 thoughts on “Booster shot for all of us

  1. This is tremendous and I loved the way you read it out loud to us on LL last week. Very powerful.

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  2. You are so right, dad! We all have got to do our part to make this a thing of the past and quickly! Far too many lives have been lost and devastated because of this awful virus! I will always stand by you, I love you dad!

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