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Putin Must Be Stopped, But Is It Too Late?

Putin’s unspeakable cruelty shows no bounds, but got unspeakably worse with the bombing of civilian targets in Ukraine this week.

His justification for the airstrikes that are taking innocent lives was based on a wickedly false premise: That Ukraine had attacked sovereign Russian territory in Crimea. Crimea is part of Ukraine, but in the twisted, evil mind of the Russian president, it is part of his expanding Soviet Empire.

Indiscriminate bombing of nonmilitary targets is a signature act of this madman who also condones the torturing and killing of civilians in occupied territory. Burned in my memory are scenes of corpses retrieved from mass graves in communities outside of the nation’s capital, Kyiv.

The International Criminal Court must get its hands on Putin and all of his henchmen, including soldiers who carry out gruesome acts of murder and mayhem. Justice hangs in the balance.

I hope that comes before Putin is able to launch a nuclear strike in Ukraine and set into motion a possible Armageddon. Our prayers are needed urgently, but will they fall short of what’s needed to stop this insanity?

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