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Coronavirus: Do old lives really matter?


Old lives matter if we cherish and protect them.

But do we really cherish and protect them when there is a shortage of personal protective equipment and tests at nursing homes?

Many have already died, but must even more die?

Do old lives truly matter if our community doesn’t have a mask mandate or enforce the one on the books?

These mandates help spare the lives of older workers who must interact with the public.

Many have died, but must more die?

Do old lives matter if we put profits over people and force the economy to reopen prematurely?

Do old lives matter if the stock market is soaring, yet people still die in record numbers? Tens of thousands of them live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

We can either cherish and protect the old as our highest priority.

Or, we can go hell-bent with reopening businesses, schools and everything else with little forethought and even less compassion.

During this pandemic, good, sound and safe public policies are a matter of life and breath for every age. Especially the old.

So, let’s make the right choice.

Choices matter.

Old lives matter.

© Ron Cooper 2020

Photo: Source unknown.

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