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Looking for the silver linings during the coronavirus

Close up photo of group of happy students showing thumbs up

Look on the bright side: Happy news is in your in-box today!

The pandemic raging out of control, with 5 million-plus infections and more than 160,000 deaths. Unrest in major cities still reeling from the death of George Floyd. And millions of Americans worried about the looming loss of unemployment benefits and the prospect of not paying their rent or mortgage or putting bread on the table.

It’s enough to keep you up at night. And for me, an insomniac and worrywart, it truly does.

So where can I find a little joy during our vicious news cycles? Stay with me here. I do have some good news:

  1. My granddaughter is graduating next May with a certificate in holistic health. She’s a giver, a helper, a healer. Healing is what this world needs most now. All the bad news in the world hasn’t held her back and I’m very proud of her.
  2. My neighbor, housebound and in poor health, has a new grandson, making it six altogether now between his two lovely daughters. He feels trapped at home with little social contact from even his closest family members, due to the extra precautions we have to take these days against the coronavirus. But now, he’s smiling and a smile goes a long way during these turbulent times.
  3. My niece has a new music album that proclaims her deep religious faith and reflects her positive attitude about life. She is using her gifts to lift up others, inspire them and give them renewed purpose. The songs in our hearts resonate so deeply within us now.
  4. My father-in-law is sporting a new knee after years of pain and a bone-on-bone diagnosis. His surgery was held right before the pandemic lock-down in March and he is recovering quite nicely. He enjoys getting out to do his yard work once again.
  5. My aunt is out of the hospital and back in her independent living apartment after a nasty fall.  Rarely have I known such a positive person who loves a good conversation and is fully engaged with family and friends. She sounds so cheery when I call them every couple of weeks to chat.

So, not all days are gloom and doom or full of unbridled anxiety. Sometimes, when you least expect it, good news comes your way. And when it does, my friend, drink it all in and refresh your soul.



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