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Team up for a cancer survivor

Man helping woman to stand upNo one wants to hear the dreaded word cancer, yet everyone should want a group of supporters to help them go through the ordeal.

Friends, if you know someone with cancer, please don’t let their principal caregiver carry the burden alone. Caregivers often feel alone, isolated, neglected. You may have the makings for a special role on “The Emotional Team” for a cancer survivor.

You can do a lot of things: 1) Connect with the friend or loved one going through chemo or radiation, or waiting on significant test results. 2) Provide transportation to these appointments. 3) Bring soup or take them out for a hike or a movie. 4) Sit, hold their hand, listen.

You will be entering the soothing-and-comforting business so needed when the roller coaster of life runs out of control.

Cancer survivors will always remember those who came to their side during their struggles and feel enormous gratitude toward them. It is not easy for the survivor to reach out and say they need your help. When the cancer bombshell is dropped on someone you care about, get moving.

And Godspeed!

© Ron Cooper 2020

Cancer survivors: Lend a hand

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