Building Harmony / Discrimination / Diversity / Equality / Tolerance

Norristown or any town

Canva - Two Women And One Man EatingIt’s sickening to watch another one of those viral videos: A bigot attacking a Muslim family eating dinner at a restaurant in the Norristown, Pa., area. The man unleashes a tirade of hate-filled language at a married couple and their two small children minding their own business.

Their “crime?” Dressing in different clothes. Looking and sounding different. Following a different religious tradition.

What shocks the conscience must not go unanswered. Liberty-loving, tolerant people must condemn this and stand up for minorities.

Sadly, I do expect my city will become another Norristown one day. I trust we will stand up against the hater and defend those who are wronged and attacked.

If ever America needed to have a spine, it is now.

No more Norristowns.

© Ron Cooper 2020

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