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Cancer survivors: I will lend a hand

By Ron Cooper

Cancer remission brings newfound freedom to explore, discover, express. But it also entails responsibility to help others who are in active treatment or are struggling to cope with the remission/recurrence cycle.

Five years after my diagnosis, I am still on guard that cancer will return. It has once and aggressive treatment fended it off. I may not be out of the woods yet, but I’m not obsessing over it. I am growing, seeking, experiencing, being and serving.

Remission is a blessed time when I can catch my breath. It’s also a good time to help others who are coming up behind me on this unique journey.

Let’s get into lockstep now. It’s time to give back!

Ron’s cancer journey, “A Grateful Survivor,” was written for survivors and caregivers. Click here for info.

2 thoughts on “Cancer survivors: I will lend a hand

  1. This is so true, although I have found opportunities to serve others at the most unexpected, inopportune times, during active cancer or remission. I have a friend that makes it his mission to get the nurses to laugh and enjoy their jobs when he’s in the hospital, even with liver cancer and a broken neck. Life truly is just one big opportunity to reach out to others on this crazy ride. Great reminder, Ron.

    • Hi Ramae, we truly only have the moments we have. They are until they aren’t. Why not use them to lift up others and in turn we are raised to greater heights. Maybe to walk on the clouds, to dream and to be restored. I love the story you relate about your hospitalized friend who finds purpose in humor in spite of a grim diagnosis. He has been raised to greater heights, and so have I in reading it. Be well, talk again some time.

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