Humor / Quirky

“Who’s the Idiot?”

Portrait of an annoyed young woman in dress

We all like to complain, whine and silently curse at the world when somebody screws up. We all have buttons we don’t like pushed. Human nature.

For me, it’s the ear-splitting sound of a car alarm.

I was taking my bascart to the car at the grocery when I heard that annoying sound going off in the parking lot. You know the feeling. Happens every day. I had a gut reaction.

“What idiot did that?” I asked myself. “Please, please shut it off!”

I got nearer to the sound when I noticed: It was my car.

I’d only jiggled my keys when retrieving them from my pocket. Could happen to anyone, I reasoned. Yet, I still slunk into the driver’s seat, shamed. No excuses. I was the idiot!

How long will my newfound humility last? Hope no one’s taking bets!

© Ron Cooper

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