Building Harmony / Coronavirus / Equality / Family / Kindness / Unity

Dear Hoarders,

Egocentric or Egoistic Person ConceptYou know who you are and you need to do the right thing.

Some parents reported shortages in baby formula on store shelves, and they got a little frantic. Manufacturers say there’s a plentiful supply now, but here’s the problem:


Please, stop hoarding!

In fact, you could step up to the plate and return some of that excess formula to food pantries. You’ll sleep better at night and you will be doing your part for the needy families of America.

After all, we’re in a war against coronavirus. It’s a collective effort and we must only take the share that’s coming to us. Fairness, you know.

And while you’re at it, how about returning that trunk load of toilet paper you bought last week? My wife and I have made two dry runs for that necessity in the past two days. But shelves are still empty at our store.

Alas, my kingdom for a roll!

© Ron Cooper 2020





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