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Coronavirus times: Mockingbird and me

Northern MockingbirdSelf-isolation has taken away a lot from us, but not Mother Nature. Go for a walk and enjoy the outdoors. You may be surprised at what you’ll discover.

Yesterday, I ran into a mockingbird perched on a neighbor’s car. This proud, talented creature was serenading the neighborhood a mere three feet away. I feebly whistled back the best I could manage.

This Pavarotti of songbirds stopped its medley and gave me a scathing look, as if to say, “Put that whistle back in your throat, Dude. You are in the presence of a real pro!”

Then it flew a few feet to a puddle of water, took a sip and headed for the tallest branch of a blooming dogwood tree nearby. From those heights, it took to mocking me once more.

This amateur song boy took the hint and slunk home where I could whistle to my heart’s content – in private!

© Ron Cooper 2020


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