Aging / Kindness & Compassion

Compassion for an old woman

Elderly woman behind the steering wheelAn old woman smashed into my friend’s car, totaling it. Worse still, she had no insurance, which is required in our state. The judge ordered the woman to pay restitution.

The problem was, she was on Social Security, barely scraping by. Yet she took responsibility for the accident, but told the judge she could make minimal payments of a few dollars a week. It would be years before she could make full payment.

My friend had heard enough. Although he was out thousands of dollars, he asked the judge to give the woman a break. He waived restitution, wished the woman well and moved on with his life

Two observations:

1. Compassion is still alive. Good people like my friend really do exist in our sometimes cynical, selfless world.

2. What would I do if I were in my friend’s shoes? I’d like to think I would follow his example. Perhaps I would check on the old woman and make sure she had enough food in her pantry and a way to get around.

After all, her car was totaled, too.

© Ron Cooper 2020

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