Kindness & Compassion

Department store dance

Today, the pianist at the department store played the 1942 hit, “I Don’t Want to Walk without You.” An elderly man hovered nearby to get a closer look at the lyrics. As he mouthed the words, his hips swayed and he began to dance. His eyes sparkling, he spotted an old woman sitting nearby in her wheelchair.

With a little bravado, he motioned for her to stand up and dance with him. The frail, thin woman, breathing with the help of an oxygen tank, could not muster the strength to rise. But she brightened up, her cheeks blushing as if she were a young girl at a school dance having the time of her life. The man patiently waited for her, his arms outstretched.

For a breathless moment, a crowd gathered to witness this simple, noble gesture. The song ended and the man gallantly bowed to the woman who sat just a little more erect in her wheelchair as she watched the man take his leave. Onlookers applauded.

Remember, we do not walk alone in this life. Those who understand this seize the moment to express kindness and leave a lasting, positive impression on another. Our strongest powers are vested in our loving hearts. Leave a legacy of kindness!

–By Ron Cooper





2 thoughts on “Department store dance

  1. Ron, written so beautifully I could actually put myself in that store by the piano. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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