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Be a supermarket hero: Wear your mask!

female supermarket cashier in medical protective mask working at supermarket

Some say they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a mask in public. Some say it’s an issue of personal freedom. You know, a First Amendment argument. You can’t argue against ignorance, but what if our open-faced neighbors knew that wearing a mask could save the life of their favorite grocery cashier?

More than 100 grocery workers have died and 5,500 infected with the coronavirus from late March through May, according to the Washington Post. These are essential workers who, despite the substantial health risks, show up for work every day in the nation’s supermarkets to serve us.

Wearing a mask is proving effective against spreading the virus, say public health experts. With people flocking to the beach and gathering in numbers unseen since the virus hit, the risk of community transmission is ever greater for retail workers on the front line.

They don’t want to contract the deadly virus. They want to go home to their loved ones. They – WE – all want to survive the pandemic.

So, let’s stay united when it comes to health and safety. Let’s be considerate of one another when shopping or going to the mall. Please wear your mask.

Your favorite cashier is counting on you!

© Ron Cooper 2020

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