DSCF0076-2 (2)Welcome to my site!

Please note: My blog posts are now almost exclusively on the coronavirus. Recent topics: “Around Town with the Coronavirus,” and “Dear Hoarders.” More on the way soon.

I am an author, blogger, book editor, ex-newspaper reporter and cancer survivor.

I have added a new feature. It is the “Cancer” link for survivor and caregiver stories that I have written. I hope to earn the title “advocate” for raising awareness about the cancer journey. Topics include “Appointment Fatigue,” supporting survivors and “The Caregivers’ Prayer.” Please check that out.

Feel free to browse my blog for posts that range from the sentimental and nostalgic to current events to detailing the life of us cancer survivors.  I also write about my late mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s. Hit the “follow” button if you would like to be notified of new stuff. I post about every week to 10 days.

Also, check out my “Quotes by Ron” page for feel-good, inspirational thoughts coming from my pen and the artwork dreamed up by my talented wife, Tanya.

If you still have time on your hands, you will find pages for each for my three books (see below). Oh, and please take time to leave a comment. I value your thoughts and love the feedback!

  • Heart Happy: 50 Stories, Poems and Whimsical Writings to Inspire You!
  • Fran’s Song: My Mother’s Triumph over Alzheimer’s
  • Just published, A Grateful Survivor: Tips and Tributes for Cancer Caregivers. (My own cancer journey)

I hope you find something to inspire you and brighten your day!

In friendship,